30 September, 2009

That's the way uh-huh uh-huh they like it

Today's post includes no signs. Well, maybe it's a sign of differing cultures... I don't know. It's a fast, funny story that ends with a photo (or two), and I'm posting it. This is my blog, you know.

There's a new steak place here in Efrat. We like supporting local businesses, and we like eating, so we decided to give it a shot. It's run by a nice enough guy, and the food was pretty good. For six of us ordering, we got two pargiot (boneless dark meat chicken) sandwiches, one hot dog, two hamburgers, and a toasted cold cuts sandwich. That last one was a little unclear, so I asked what it was. The guy said, "you know, like you'd make a toasted cheese sandwich, only with cold cuts instead." My daughter likes cold cuts, and it sounded intriguing, so we agreed that it was a good choice.

Just out of curiosity, how do you all make toasted cheese sandwiches? I know that I take two slices of bread, put some cheese in the middle, and then either 1) fry it up in a pan or 2) stick it in a sandwich maker griddle thing. This was a slightly different experience. This place goes for the sandwich maker, but they don't use sliced bread. Nope - this was a baguette. And a big one, too. It was pretty long to start with, but after it was squashed in the sandwich maker, this was - seriously - a family-sized sandwich. So pretty, and so strange, I just had to take a photo, and here you go:

Just to make it clear, that's a full-sized dinner plate that it's sitting on. Impressive sandwich, don't you think?


Rachel said...

Ummm...where are the cold cuts? And what happens to cold cuts--if anything--when you toast them? How would you translate this into English? If "toast" is grilled cheese, but there's no cheese would you call it something like "grilled cheese cold cuts, without the cheese." Or maybe grilled sandwich of coldcuts. Not too catchy.

toby said...

You can see the cold cuts - it's turkey salami, sticking out of the side. I think that "toast" in Hebrew just means a toasted sandwich, so technically it's okay in this context. I just found it funny that they would think to toast a baguette that way - it kind of reminds me of those guys who deep fry turkeys, or twinkies...