25 September, 2007

Less subtle, perhaps

Okay, I'll try to present something more obviously amusing. Here's a picture I took in a museum in Chicago this summer. It's a sign for a concept that's apparently come into existence in America sometime after I moved to Israel: Family Bathrooms. I guess the idea is that small children shouldn't have to wait outside the bathrooms alone while their parents are using the bathroom, and that parents should be able to accompany their kids in the bathroom without needing to squeeze too much. I went inside one, and it was almost the size of my kitchen, with two toilets (one large and one small) and two sinks.

Anyway, it seems a nice idea, although it took me some getting used to, but then I saw this sign, which seemed totally unfair:

So the family bathrooms are nice, I'm sure, but why do only the men get to opt out? Any man who needs a toilet can have his choice of either a fun-filled family atmosphere, or some quiet time alone with a good book. But women have family options only. Hmm. I wonder why this one bothered me so much...

22 September, 2007

Hello, everybody

Well, here goes nothing. I'm not a very prolific writer (ask anybody I've managed to keep in touch with over the past 34 years), but I did recently purchase a new camera that I'm very fond of - I thought that perhaps any of you who wanted to see what's going through my mind could do so visually, as opposed to lingually. So, with that brave introduction, here's a picture that I finally managed to take of my favorite sign of all time. See if you can figure out what it means - it took me quite a while, before I became fluent in Hebrew...