28 October, 2009


Yep, wow. I was at our post office yesterday, and while waiting in line, I found this terrible (and terribly unbelievable) specimen. Yes, it's a collection box, trying to raise money for a good cause. The cause here is clearer than ever - spelling lessons!

Click to enlarge the photo, if you can't see it well. Have a great week, everyone!

25 October, 2009

Lucky me!

I remember, back in the day, when I had to go and find my own goofy signs and typos. I'm now lucky enough that things literally fall into my inbox. I received these two this morning from Gidon, longtime friend of my hubby Dave, and my newest ATOTS correspondent:

Gidon found these ads on the JPost site. I do understand that they're alluding to the recent discussions about foreign workers - but really, couldn't they have tried to be a little less bizarre with the translating?

Thanks, Gidon!

19 October, 2009

We don't got no double negatives

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm proud to announce that I have a new blogging correspondent, all the way from New York! She is Something Different, and she found this one for me, in a fitting room, as you can see:

 SD says: Here is one of my favorite signs, a classic yiddish mis-translation. :-) The fact is, this could just as easily have been (mis)translated from Hebrew, that haven of double negatives. It's not easy explaining to my kids why these kind of things don't work in English, believe me. But I'd like to think that by the time they own dressing rooms, they'll have gotten the hang of it...

Thanks, SD!

13 October, 2009

Someone really needs to tell them

Here's an easy one - and another where we'll quickly see whether what I find funny matches what you do.

There's a relatively new traffic circle in Jerusalem, not far from the Central Bus Station. (Just for the record, I'm a BIG fan of traffic circles!) It's positioned on a very convenient shortcut that I've taken quite a few times recently, and so I keep seeing it, and noticing the dedication:

Can you see it? Here's a close-up, just in case:

So, I presume they're referring to this late Max M. Fisher, and I further presume that this was dedicated by his family. The thing is, every time I see it, I become more and more concerned that whoever paid for it did not get their money's worth. Apparently they asked for a square, and this is most definitely a circle... 

Does this bother anyone else?

07 October, 2009

Super elegant

You know, it's funny. When I was a kid growing up, we used to eat toast all the time, and it seemed perfectly normal. Delicious, even. By toast, of course, I mean a plain slice of bread, toasted in a toaster. Here in Israel, however, if you have toast, it generally means a toasted sandwich (as we recently saw here). As in, an assembled sandwich, including ingredients other than bread :)

Anyway, I do occasionally come across a good old fashioned toaster, like we used to have. Not that often, but sometimes. Usually, if the box says "toaster," it's referring to a sandwich maker (you can kind of see one in the second photo here). Maybe that's why they felt the need to explain just which kind of toaster this is:

A jumping toaster! Funny, right? But it gets even better - this other version was right next to it, for classier folk:

Ah. Who writes these things, anyway?

04 October, 2009

Come join us tomorrow!

To quote RivkA:

First JBloggers Jerusalem Picnic!

Monday, October 5
2nd day of Chol HaMoed, 17th of Tishrei

Starting: 2:30 pm

Ending: 6:30 pm (or whenever the last person leaves)

Meeting Place: Gan Sacher ('cause they got a sukkah!) by the Giant Japanese Bell
(The bell is at the end of the park closest to the bus station and the Kraft Family Stadium)

Free Parking: by Beit HaChayal and Kraft Stadium (a short walk from the park)

Buses: Go to the Egged website and plug in your starting point and your destination.

Cost: FREE

What to Bring: Food, drink, a picnic blanket, frisbees, etc.

Who is welcome: All bloggers, all lurkers, all family! Basically, anyone who wants to come and hang out with us!

Registration is not necessary, but would be cool. Please fill out this form.


Moadim LeSimcha - see you there!