08 September, 2009

What a world

My husband is a serious Facebooker - he's always enjoyed keeping touch with friends and family, and it's a great way for him to keep doing that. What I hadn't realized is that apparently it's also a great way for me to find signs for this blog.

His friend Rivki posted this a couple of weeks ago - she saw it on her way home in Jerusalem's Katamon neighborhood. Her caption was "love the English spelling in this country." Thank you, Rivki, for posting this, and thanks for letting me repost it! And now, with no further ado:

Click on the photo to enlarge it, if you so desire. Enjoy, everyone!


Mrs. S. said...

LOL! So, I guess when the dads want to close the box, they have to use the other side - i.e. the "dads' closing"?

Rena said...

I can so see my kids doing this - they know how to speak English, but have no idea how to spell. They are probably the ones that translate all the menus too. Think of spelling as an art. They use a much broader stroke than the rest of us :)

Unknown said...

maybe the kid that wrote that helped the matnas translate the chugim???

toby said...

Mrs. S. - yes, I'm sure that's just what it means :)

Rena - what a very friendly opinion you have!

Aviva - yeah, wouldn't it be nice if we could blame all the typos all over the country on this one kid :)

Thanks for stopping by, all of you!