20 August, 2010

Just right for the beach!

Here's one that I got from a friend of mine who asked to remain anonymous, so as not to get caught making fun of his company in public. I suppose that's reasonable :)

Here's the email he received, inviting him to one of their yearly events:
Isn't this that New York concept for what we put on bagels? I guess this is the Israeli version. "Yes, I'll take a sumeer of that chumus right here on my pita, thanks!"

Have a great weekend, everyone!

15 August, 2010

Tag, you're it!

I think this may be the longest I've gone without posting since starting this blog. Two weeks! What can I say, things have been really, really busy. It's August! We're doing our best to do lots of fun things and take advantage of the remainder of our summer vacation. To those of you reading this, thanks for waiting for me! I'll do my best to make this post worth the wait.

But meanwhile, important virtual events have taken place: I've been tagged in a meme! What an honor. Miriyummy (you may remember her as Mirj, my longtime online friend, who's found typos of all sizes for us) started a really great blog not long ago, and was tagged in a meme on Tu Be'Av, Israel's version of Valentine's Day. Actually, I think that technically, Tu Be'Av came first, so maybe Valentine's Day may be the copycat holiday, but that's irrelevant. The point is, I've been tagged in a meme where one needs to post one's favorite Jewish love song.  

By now, it's been almost three weeks since Tu Be'Av, but I figure it's not really too late. How inappropriate can it be to share music? The trouble was choosing a song - I really enjoy Israeli music, and just can't narrow it down to one favorite. So I'm choosing the Israeli love song that I've consistently liked for the longest. It's called Shir Ahava Bedoui, A Bedouin Love Song - the version I know is by David Broza, but I think it may have been performed originally by someone else. At any rate, this song one of the first that I really got to know in Hebrew, back in 1992. My first Israeli friends played this kind of stuff for me every day, and after a while, I could speak Hebrew! Like magic.

So thanks, Mirj, for thinking of me. In case this meme hasn't yet expired, I tag Mrs. S. of Our Shiputzim, and RivkA of Coffee and Chemo. You're it!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program. 
We went out for my husband's birthday last week. My ever-alert children found this on the menu, and thought it was the funniest thing they had seen all week. "You're going to take a picture, right? It's so funny!" they all cried. And so, I present you with our latest:

Do you get it? Do you see? Up 7. Ha!! Well, some of us were amused :)
Plus, as many of you pointed out, this restaurant offers Spda Water. Generally, it's more appealing to keep the Sp out of one's water, I think!

And last but not least, here are some absolutely excellent links that you should check out at your earliest convenience. First, the aforementioned Mrs. S. has found some wonderful signs. I couldn't have done it better myself! And secondly, my dear brother has been traveling all over, and has presented us with his latest hilarious update. Enjoy!

That's it for now. Have a wonderful week, everyone!