24 May, 2009

Needed: a drop of passion

Here's one I've had waiting in the wings for a while. There's not much introduction necessary - I just want to remind you all: we've seen in the past that Israeli sign-makers occasionally find it appropriate (and do know how) to use exclamation points, graphics, and scary warnings in order to get their point across. And yet, on this sign that we pass on the way from Jerusalem to Efrat,
apparently none of those was needed:

It always reminds me of that scene in the original Willy Wonka movie, where Mr. Wonka is sarcastically attempting to get Mike Teevee back to safety. He says, expressionlessly, "No. Wait. Stop. Come back." Remember? It was a great scene. But that was a movie - this is a little scary. I mean, it's a landslide, for crying out loud! Shouldn't we all be screaming in fear?

My verdict: this sign needs to care just a bit more. Put a little feeling into it - please?

18 May, 2009

Loads of Links

A friend of ours was over a couple of weeks ago, and she told me about a sign that she sees frequently. So funny! We agreed that we would both try to go by and photograph it soon. And then, this morning, I found that Benji had caught it first. Good thing it's not a race; his photo of this astonishingly funny sign can be found here.

If I'm already linking to funny things, here's a joke by Ruti that had me laughing all morning.

And here's an interesting article that I happened across later this afternoon - I had seen this certificate hung up in various places, but I didn't understand exactly what it was about. Very enlightening, and enlightened!


What's that? You say I need to post something of my own? Okay, fine - here's a printscreen of some spam I received a couple of weeks ago. It certainly doesn't warrant its own post, but is entertaining nonetheless:

Why is bad grammar a common denominator of spam?

13 May, 2009

What do they call me?

Yesterday was Lag BaOmer, the thirty-third day that we come across when counting the days between Passover and Shavuot. The most common Lag BaOmer custom here in Israel is to enjoy a bonfire with your friends. Bonfires mean hotdogs and marshmallows, and that's how I came across this package:

Innocent enough, right? Silly caricatures, nice and appealing. Then we look to the other side, find the usual mishaps...

No big deal, right? And then I got to this part, which I suppose, technically, makes sense, but struck me as quite hilarious nonetheless:

Forget about the sirop and the potentially hazardous colorings. Are we not all singing Donovan at this point?

04 May, 2009

New and only (we hope) in Beit Shemesh!

A few weeks ago, I bumped into some friends who reported seeing a funny sign as they were driving through Beit Shemesh. A couple of days later, a coworker of mine told me that my favorite grocery store chain, Supersol (Shufersal in Hebrew, but that's a whole different story) now has a branch open in Beit Shemesh! And so, not long after, I found myself in Beit Shemesh, saying to the kids, "okay, we're looking for two signs: one says Supersol and one says car woosh. Let's see which one we can find first..."

Lo and behold, my sleuthing team found them both! I still prefer my Jerusalem branch of Supersol, but the sign was great:

Good stuff.