29 July, 2010

And now, the ones you've all been waiting for...

This package really made me smile when I found it in a Jerusalem grocery store. This is the back of a bag of some innocent looking, knock-off Rice Krispies. Granted, it's only got one actual typo. But still, I liked the attention that the vitamins are finally receiving here. It's about time - don't they deserve it? Come on, everyone, let's have a big round of applause, for: the vitamins!!

And to think, I knew them when they were just starting out...

16 July, 2010

Bloopers from near and far

Here's another great one from Mirj, my online friend of much previous fame. On this cereal that she found, not only did they misspell "nougat," they managed to do it again on the side, in a whole new and refreshing way! There is a happy myriad of other typos there, if you look carefully. (Feel free to click on the photo to enlarge it, if you have trouble reading it.) I'm not sure which is my favorite, I just know that each time I look closely, I find another. I think I'm leaning toward the "No Preservation." 

In other breaking news, my friend Shimon from work forwarded this funny screen shot to me. It's not an Israeli blooper; this actually hails from my old home town of Chicago. And what do we learn from this? That it's always fun to make fun of anyone else's lack of geography knowledge:

And what else do we learn? I absolutely love it when you guys do the scouting for me! Thanks, Mirj and Shimon!

Have a great weekend, all!

09 July, 2010

Ee eye ee eye oh

This one is almost unbelievable. My friend Yoel (remember him?) found this down in Ashdod. Lucky me, he thoughtfully stopped to take a photo! What do we think of this, gentle readers?
Since it's got that snake-on-a-staff sign on the side, I have to assume that it's a pharmacy. But actually, it could be a catchy new term for a farm-equipment store. Right? Maybe we're onto a great new idea! Any takers?

Anyway, Yoel is celebrating 17 years of living in Israel this week. Mazal tov! I appreciate that you still notice these things, after having been here so long. And even better, thanks for thinking of me!

Have a great weekend, everyone!