25 August, 2009

Just Magic

Here's a candy package that my friend Ariel found a while back. I just realized that I never got around to posting it - and this is too good not to share! Not much explanation needed, let's jump in:

Ariel is giving these guys the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that they misprinted "dust." Should we be so generous?

Have a great day, everybody!

17 August, 2009

What to choose?

Well, my kids are still gone. I got the new catalog from our local Matn"as (that's like the JCC here) yesterday by email, with the extra-curricular activities that they'll be offering in the upcoming year. I thought - fantastic! Let's find something good for the kids, that will make us all happy. I promise that
I wasn't looking for typos. I promise! I was innocently thinking that they should start learning to play musical instruments, and wondering if we could afford it.

So there I was, "flipping" through (scrolling, really) and of course saw the occasion
al typo. Maybe I'm more patient with our local businesses than with other organizations - after all, we're a small town. So missing apostrophes didn't bother me much. Then there were a couple of capitalization mistakes, which didn't throw me. I did find "astern Dancing," in place of "Eastern Dancing," and that got a chuckle out of me. And "Piltes" instead of "Pilates." Funny! But blogworthy? Not so much.

Then I saw what for the first split-second looked to me like some kind of farming class - until I read it to the end:

Ha! Can you believe it? I forgot all about playing music, and labeled the email with the catalog as blog material. Whew - there's one for this week.

Until I went to look through it again - and found a far better typo that I somehow missed the first time around. Get ready... are you ready? Here it comes:

Yes, indeed, it seems that we offer quires. No, it wasn't meant to be squires, or requires - that one, my friends, was supposed to be choirs.

Ah... Sorry Efrat, I wasn't planning to make fun. But that one was just too good to pass up.

12 August, 2009

Available for all your bending needs

Today I stopped in briefly to shop at one of our local grocery stores here in Efrat. Since I only needed to get a few things to make a quick salad, I planted myself into the express lane. Standing there, I saw this - a big Tupperware/Rubbermaid-type imitation box, full of other smaller ones, for only 49.95 shekel. It looked interesting - really, a perfect impulse buy. Then I looked once more at the small print, and began to smile:

Ha! I didn't even notice the remark at the bottom, until just now (click to enlarge the photo if necessary)...

06 August, 2009

Airport fun, S-XL

Those of you who know me (even if only on Facebook) know that my kids have just been shuttled off to a fun-filled vacation in Chicago with my parents. This traveling as "unaccompanied minors" seemed to me a bit absurd, but apparently worked without a hitch. Anyway, we were there at the airport last night, and of course I managed to find a few funny signs. Now that I know that everyone's
landed safely, I'm in a better mood to post them :)

First off: this one isn't funny, but definitely fits solidly in the "only in Israel" category. This is part of the sign next to the elevator, helpfully trying to guide you to the floor that you need:

Ha! I liked that one.

After we saw our kids off, we waited another half an hour or so, as our cousins were scheduled to arrive just then from the States. While hanging around in the Arrivals Hall, I noticed this, on the ceiling:

All those balloons - sad but funny nonetheless!

Then I noticed someone arriving with this box, which made me chuckle (feel free to enlarge the photo by clicking on it, if it's hard to see):

And of course - I've saved the largest for last:

This is actually a pretty typical Israeli mistake - since there aren't any of those "is, are, am" kind of words (auxiliary verbs) in Hebrew, Israelis tend to leave them out when translating into English. But Bank Leumi, come on! You're not some Mom 'N Pop hardware store in Be'er Sheva, you're Bank Leumi!

I really need to stop being surprised by these things...