26 August, 2008

Heavenly signs

Today's post isn't a written sign, but rather a (very) short story about the interpretation of, let's call it, a vision.

A few days ago, my coworker (they finally took down the exit sign above his desk, for those of you who were worried) said to me, "Look, Toby! A rainbow!"

I looked at where he was pointing, and indeed, it was true.

So, down-to-Earth American me, I walked over to the shelf to investigate what was reflecting the sun.

My Israeli coworker said, "God evidently wanted to destroy our engineering department, but changed His mind, and gave us this rainbow as a sign to remember."

And I said, "or, someone left an upside down cd on the shelf by the window," and we both had a good chuckle.

Now, my coworker is a very normal guy, and there's no question that his flood story reference was just a good joke. But it got me thinking - are there a lot of other places outside of Israel where everyday folks make biblical jokes?

Anyway, no one has moved the cd, and I'm enjoying the new colorful view.

18 August, 2008

This just in from Be'er Sheva

Our close friend Raffi has become my latest correspondent, all the way down in Be'er Sheva. While innocently shopping in his local supermarket, he happened across this doozy:

What can I possibly say that will add to this? It's a masterpiece all on its own. Doesn't it remind you of those worksheets we had to do back in seventh grade, where we were given a list of sentences, and had to see how many mistakes we could find? It almost makes me want to get one of my own... Just fantastic - thank you Raffi!

12 August, 2008

Uniq by any standard

Here's a sign found by a friend and neighbor of ours, Andye Friedman. He spied it on his way to Ra'anana - I don't think much introduction is necessary:

Wow. Words evade me. There are just so many angles here, so many ways to giggle. I think my favorite is the "Uery," but I can't be sure... maybe it just reminds me of Chekov? Who knows, everyone is welcome to take the part they like best, and laugh!

06 August, 2008

Comes first? Maybe

I promised more photos from my brother Benjy's recent visit, and I've decided to wait no more. With no further ado: he was walking around the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim one day, and found this in front of a bookstore:

Hmm... comes first? Comes in? Comes to eat? We'll never know, I guess. Anyone who happens to be in the neighborhood and wants to take a follow-up photo is invited to do so!

By the way, I recently found a very funny blog that I'd like to share with you - unlike me, she posts daily, and is consistently hilarious! Enjoy!