26 March, 2010

Pesach - 2010

Well, it's almost Pesach/Passover again. We're all busy, I know, but I did want to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday, and to share a few links with you, in good blogging style:

1) Mrs. S. posted a delicious looking recipe for charoset today. It got my mouth watering, and now I think I'm ready for Pesach! Go and check it out!

2) I've noticed a few bloggers posting this sign this past week, and they're right, it's very fitting for the season. What, trucks aren't equally deserving? So I figured I'll join along and repost it here too. Enjoy!

3) And of course, if this really is a Pesach edition, I need to link here, to one of my most thorough posts. In all modesty, I really like that one, and its sequel, here. Enjoy, and use them well!

4) And here's something I came across today, on the back of some Passover cereal:

So first of all, I find it very funny that Telma cereal chose these two guys to show us how great we can be, if only we eat their product. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find them particularly inspirational. Maybe even kind of depressing. But as I was pondering this, I looked a little closer, and decided that really, this photo would be a good submission for a different blog that I enjoy, Photoshop Disasters. I mean, what's going on in that purple sweatshirt? It looks like he's storing some books in there, or something. And is it just me, or is something quirky going on with his right leg/foot? Feel free to click on the photo to enlarge it, then maybe you'll see what I'm talking about.

Or maybe I'm just tired from scrubbing the stovetop :) Happy Pesach, everyone!

18 March, 2010

Signs - the Eilat Edition

Well, my family and I are ending up a fun filled vacation in Eilat. It turns out that if you go on vacation the week before school vacation begins, prices at nice hotels are actually affordable :) Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow morning, and I thought I'd share a few of the things that we found down here. Eilat is really a prime location for bloopers - not a large Anglo community to self-correct, and yet the urge to write a lot of signs in English, in order to appeal to the huge tourist population. Enjoy!

Not so bad, I know. And yet, it's huge and permanent - that makes it funny in my book! Try this one:

I think I liked that one because it was trying to be soooo classy, with it's hoity toity font. Also, it looks kind of like coerce. Dunno.

That's funny, right? We don't eat red meat in our house, so I don't have a lot of experience with this, but isn't it rib-eye steak? Eye steak sounds totally creepy to me. I'm sure the bred makes it taste better, though. Anyway, I've saved the best for last:
This is funny on many levels. Obviously, the spelling is absurd, and here it is, on an important looking building. But even if we get past that, what's the concept here? Is it a police force made up of tourists, like a neighborhood watch? Or are these guys policing tourists only? Either way, I'm giggling.

Stay tuned next week for the rest of my Eilat signs. Have a great weekend, everyone!

11 March, 2010

The Spice of Life - Part One

Ever since finding this wonderful label a couple of months ago, I've paid more attention to the spice rack. It's really a great source of fun! For a brief example, here are some goodies I found on a single trip to the supermarket:

That's not so bad, right? I think it's particularly cute next to this one, though:

Then we just get silly:

Okay, non-Hebrew speakers - care to wager a guess at that one?

And here's my current favorite:
Ah, that's the stuff :) Nothing like this spice blend to make your stake even stakier...

I'm confident that there are plenty more like these to be found, and promise to post more when I do. Meanwhile, if you've seen any, please feel free to send them in! Have a great week, everyone!

04 March, 2010


I'm so glad you came by! You're just in time to help solve a disagreement in our household. Some of us think that this is nothing special, and some of us find it entirely hilarious. What do you think?

Um, so, isn't the corncob the part that we throw away? The yucky, inedible part, with no flavor?

Maybe it's just me.