26 November, 2009

Here's one, fresh from my own kitchen

I stepped wrong a few weeks ago, on a Friday morning. I somehow twisted/sprained my foot, not my ankle, which I didn't know was even possible. Leave it to me to find something newly injurable... Anyway, Friday mornings are usually pretty hectic in our household - we all run around cleaning and cooking, trying our best to get ready for Shabat. But suddenly I couldn't walk, or even stand much, leaving Dave to be Mr. Mom.

That's why he was reading the couscous directions. And that's how he came across this:

Do you see it? Do you see it?


17 November, 2009

Please don't close

Here's another goodie that was discovered via Facebook. Thanks Avram, who found this excellent specimen and was savvy enough to photograph it. And thanks Dave, who is friends with Avram and passed it on to me!

And so, with no further ado: here's what Avram found in our favorite Israeli airport, on a trip abroad last month:

Closing dawn seems a bit harsh. I mean, any excuse for a sale is probably a good one, but I really enjoy dawn. Can we close something less pleasant? Maybe... hurricanes?

Thanks, Avram!

11 November, 2009

The latest import - get yours now!

I always try to walk through the electronics department at Supersol before I start grocery shopping. You just never know what goodies you may find. This one caught my eye:

Hold on, if you can't see, here it is a bit closer:

 Ha! But wait, there's more:

I especially like the beating element, and of course the bandles. But I've never liked pop quizzes, and certainly not while I shop...

04 November, 2009

Does that really count?


I love Israel! That said, the ice cream here really leaves a lot to be desired. I don't know why - as a rule, the dairy products here are much yummier than what I've found anywhere else, and you'd think that ice cream would be an offshoot of dairy products... but I guess not. The stuff made here by Israeli companies just lacks the proper level of creaminess - that's my humble opinion!

However, there are a bunch of little ice cream shops that have cropped up all around, and these tend to carry fancier (generally foreign) brands. We went to one on Emek Refaim street earlier this year, and were impressed. They had creamy ice cream, and lots of fun toppings for the kids. And I did find their translation of the fistook (Hebrew for pistachio) ice cream to be entertaining:

Totally helpful, right?