27 August, 2014

I remember back when I had a blog about funny signs...

ah, those were the days :)

First, I was just plain busy, and couldn't find the time. Then there was a war. Then I got busy again, and now there's been a whole other war! But through it all, people actually still send me funny typos and signs pretty often, and at this point, I have a backlog of a few years worth of material. So I figured, even if I don't have time to write proper posts, full of wit and cleverness, it's just a shame not to share these gems with you. Don't you agree? Quick, let's go, before there's another war...

With no further ado - here's a tiny sampling of what I have waiting for you. These are just the most recent ones that I have sitting in my inbox! My hope is to post this tonight, and then start blogging every other week. I've learned better than to make promises, but I'll really do the best I can! Thanks to all of you who haven't given up on me in the meantime, and still think of me when you see gigantic mistakes. I never could decide if that was a compliment or not :)

First up, from Michael Shore - this one is actually kind of poignant:

Here's an amazing one from Bruce Zivan. Hebrew speakers, see if you can figure them all out! It took me a little while... I find it perfect that they saved the best for last :)

This is a fabulous find from my dearmost Dave - the bloody beans seem to me to be the absolute best here, but there are an awful lot of things to chuckle at. Actually, looking at it again, there's almost nothing here that doesn't need a good fixing:

Here's a beauty from Brie Reich. This one is so basic and wonderful - it actually makes me feel like I could do this for the rest of my life and never run out of things to post :)

Here's something that was sent to me by Sharon, although she told me that photo credit goes to Riki Freudenstein. Sharon pointed out that the bear on the label matches the fur very nicely (although a brown bear would be even better!), and that even the Hebrew doesn't make too much sense. It could easily be read as "70% Pareve" which begs the question: is the other 30% meat or dairy?

And last for now, another one from Brie - this from just this morning! It's so sweet, who could possibly resist buying one of these?
Ah, that was a lot of fun - thanks for coming by!

Oh, just for the heck of it, I'll link here to Lesley's weekly meme, Signs, Signs

Here's hoping to see you again in another two weeks or so - meanwhile, keep smiling! Have a great day, all!