15 September, 2009

I would take it in a heartbeat

Well, I had this funny menu lined up that was posted recently on the Efrat list. Someone here evidently caters from home, and will be selling ready-made food for the holidays - one of the items mentioned was "gefilte fish with red horse reddish." I found it to be pretty hilarious, and certainly appropriate for this week. But when I started writing, it somehow seemed not quite enough to carry itself as a post. Funny enough to mention, yes, but not quite enough to stand alone.

So I dug into my archives of funny things that my gracious friends have found and sent to me. This one is from our friend Ricky - he emailed it to me a couple of weeks ago. It's an ad from his local paper, listing some real estate. What do you think of the location? Unbeatable, right?

That's more like it! Thanks, Ricky - and Happy New Year to all of us!


debbie said...

It wasn't just the horse reddish - the same menu had Goose liver pate served with chatni (chutney?),Our signature dessert - apple ravioli with passion fruit or vanilla sauce (Perhaps strudel or am I missing some knowledge about ravioli?), Beef medallions in whine sauce, and Cattle roast in pure sauce (pure what?). Also - Optional: ordering separate dishes as an additional with a separate charge.

toby said...

wow - you have a good memory! yes, I was thinking of posting the whole thing (and I really liked the cattle roast), but... I don't know - I felt like maybe I was getting nitpicky.
Re: the ravioli - we were in a restaurant a few months ago, and were served chocolate ravioli. I guess it's a new breakthrough in the world of desserts! Or maybe she *was* talking about strudel :)
Shana Tova!

debbie said...

good memory - not -
looked it up in the archives of the list, but I do remember marveling at the number of mistakes on that menu.
i was tempted to send corrections to the person posting

also, just looked up chatni and saw that it's an acceptable alternate spelling for chutney

shana tova

toby said...

Right, just like we discovered (from the Matnas catalog) that quires turns out to be an alternate spelling to choirs... but I still have a hard time thinking that they knew that :)

goyisherebbe said...

They might have just looked it up in a dictionary and didn't have a feel for what was the more common spelling. Proofreading is grossly underrated.

toby said...

goyisherebbe - Right, that's the point. Israelis tend to think that their English doesn't need any proofreading, when in fact, little things like this make them look pretty silly...