29 March, 2009

Just the guys you want to help you keep time

You may not know this, but there is one, and only one wristwatch company in Israel. Well, as of 8 years ago I knew that to be true, and I assume that it still is. "Adi" Watches, of Kibbutz Yavne, is the sole Israeli watch company. I have an Adi watch, and it's been faithful for quite some time.

My dear husband Dave found this advertisement for Adi in today's paper:

That's a pretty watch - much fancier than the one I have. I think I'd like to find out more about it - here, let's zoom in on the url so we'll know where to look:

Oh - please tell me they didn't actually do that! It's a watch company - the only word that they need to know how to spell correctly in English is "watch," right?

As a short postscript - the actual site is spelled correctly, it's only this ad that's messed up. That's a small relief - I think...

22 March, 2009

Duck, duct, duck, duct...


It's been an ongoing thing for quite some time.

When I was younger, I knew that the ever-strong sticky material, good for fixing anything, was known as duct tape, as in, tape for sealing ducts. After a while, I also noticed that one brand had taken the opportunity to make the substance adorable, calling it duck tape, and adding a cute little feathered friend on to the label. Fine.

But time has gone on, and I've noticed more and more brands using the duck tape name. What can I do - it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I'm sure that there's a copyright involved somewhere, and seemingly, it's being ignored. That's just me - I have a hard time with breaking laws...

But now, ACE Hardware here in Israel has solved the dilemma for us, as was pointed out to me by a friend (who for some reason wishes to remain anonymous):

Hmm, I'm not sure if you can see it from here, but feel free to click on the photo, and it will enlarge. There, in lovely Hebrew, the sticker reads:

מסקינג טייפ

(a direct transliteration of masking tape)

Ha! See, no conflict any more - masking tape is good enough for us! This somehow makes me think of the Israeli tendency to call all kinds of cereal "cornflakes." What kind of cornflakes are you eating today? Ah, Cocoa Puffs! So maybe the idea is that duct tape fits into the more general masking tape category?

Or maybe it's just a mistake :)

15 March, 2009

So convenient!

My dear brother-in-law Menashe found this ad on his local neighborhood chat-list in Jerusalem. For those of you who don't know, "ulpan" is the intensive Hebrew language course offered to new immigrants within their first few years of living here in Israel. I never went to ulpan, although now I often wish that I had. This one especially looks like it could be even more educational than the average class...

Hard to resist, right?

09 March, 2009

Perhaps it was Purim when they wrote this...

Here's an easy one - doesn't need a lot of introduction. Just another proof that my second grader could do a better job of writing English here than the guys actually paid to do it:

Okay - ready, set, go! How many blunders can you find? I'll give one away, since I'm not sure if you can see it with the glare: the header of the second column says "slicw 10g." And now you're on your own!

Happy Purim, everyone!

02 March, 2009


Wow - I guess I must have looked pretty desperate after my last serious post; shortly after putting it up, I received three emails from various friends with funny signs. Thanks, everybody! Please keep them coming!

It turns out that my ever-alert friend Mirj (perhaps you remember her previous finds) was vacationing in Eilat - lucky her! But she didn't only get to enjoy the sea and sunshine while we enjoyed the hail and hurricane winds. As an extra perk, she found this new way to keep healthy:

Ah, that's the stuff. Thanks, Mirj!