26 April, 2010

Burgers, third time's the charm

My friend Aviva (hi, Aviva!) mentioned to me that she saw a funny item listed on a menu from Burger's Bar, a restaurant that we often enjoy. Apparently they now have a Lamp Warp on their menu! I found it a little curious, since I've gone over that menu quite a few times, and didn't remember seeing anything like that. But I also know that the menu has occasionally changed, and so when we got one in the mail, I decided to take a look.

Lo and behold, here's what I found!
Now I just have to tell you - I saw that menu a few months ago, and there were no warps on it. Not a one! It's true, we did see that one on the wall all that time ago, but never on the paper menus. Which got me thinking - do they actually retype their menus, every single time? How strange. Or perhaps they were advised that warp was the proper spelling, and went specifically to change them all? Hmm, but the header still says wrap. What can I say? I find this really strange. And that's not even accounting for the edible lamps :)

While I was looking, I also found this:
Neither of them are chilly, like we saw last time. I wonder if there's some deep meaning here that I'm missing...

Thanks for spotting this, Aviva! And have a great week, all!

20 April, 2010

Yom HaAtzmaut!

Chag Sameach! Today is Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel's Independence Day! We are feeling happy and patriotic, and I am not going to make fun of Israel today :)

However, I thought this was a good opportunity to share this cool cool trick with you, which I was fortunate enough to find on Matzo Ball Soup. It really works!

Amaze your family and friends! I pretty much haven't stopped doing it since I watched it :)

Chag Sameach, everyone! 

16 April, 2010

Ah, America

I know it's not nice to make fun. I feel strongly about this (just ask my kids), which is why my writing this blog is always a little bit tricky. Don't you think the world would be a better place if we were all just nice to each other?

Then I see things like this, generously sent to me from the States by my favorite middle younger brother. I see it, and I get this strange, gloating feeling. I don't want to be that kind of a person. I don't. But there's a combination of issues here. One, I tend to give myself a hard time for being indecisive. And two, I tend to give Israelis a hard time for not being eloquent in Hebrew. But when they do this in America, it makes my indecisiveness seem suddenly insignificant. And it makes all those Israeli blunders seem less awful, somehow. No?

Come on, America!
Oh, unless they were doing this for comic relief. In that case, way to go, America!

09 April, 2010

The Eilat Edition - Take Two

I found myself in an auto repair shop (yes, everything's fine) this past week. I noticed a sign on the wall there that said "The cheques are not accepted here." I wanted to take a photo, but the people there seemed pretty grumpy to begin with, and I was hoping to stay on their good side. The whole episode reminded me, though, that I never posted my other funny photos from Eilat. And some of them have that same theme: The Extraneous The. These were found at our hotel:

Then some of them were just plain funny:

This one was at the bottom of the water slide:


Dave really liked this one:

I think this may be my favorite, though. We found it at the Underwater Observatory - I always admire graphics that really work to get their point across:

I guess that's it for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!

01 April, 2010

Lotsa Matza

It's true. I don't like to get stressed about Pesach preparation, and I like to think of myself as relatively calm and level-headed about the whole thing. This is a holiday, after all! This year was no exception, and I don't recall being particularly stressed, but the fact remains that I did pay more attention to what was in my box of matza than what was on it, and that's just not like me. In truth, it was only when my friend Abi (thanks, Abi!) pointed out what she had found on her box that I found a second to look at mine. And I'm so glad that I did! Here's what Abi found:

I do not think it means what they think it means.

Have a great rest of your Pesach, everyone!