25 February, 2010

You don't want these guys to do your floors

Here's something from a longtime supporter and first time contributor, our friend Yoel. It's something that I've always found funny in Hebrew, but never actually seen in English. Apparently I've been on the wrong roads, because Yoel told me he sees this all over the place: 

Yoel said (and I wholeheartedly agree) these "scrubbed road" ones always crack me up. Like someone's been cleaning it all night with soap and sponge, so you'd better not get it dirty.

Totally true! I always thought this was silly wording, and figured, "back in the Old Country, they didn't have goofy signs like this." Right? Obviously Americans have a better way of telling us that the road is under construction, and temporarily bumpy. But I couldn't remember the word, for the life of me. I tried googling it, and suddenly recalled that in Boston, they used this:

(that helpful pic found here, thanks!)

Anyway, scarified sounds equally ridiculous to me - like something out of Scooby Doo. So this is seemingly a problem all over the world. Has anyone out there seen a more normal version that they'd care to share? I will happily update this post with your contribution!

Meanwhile, have a great day, and Happy Purim!

18 February, 2010

The very latest in weight-loss products

Here's an oldie that I've had waiting for a while. Dave and I were in SuperPharm, a chain of Walgreen's type stores here in Israel. While waiting in line at the pharmacy, Dave noticed this funny little box:

Can you guess what's in this package? The funny thing is (and what those of you who don't speak Hebrew might not initially understand), this is a box of... mosquito repellent! The Hebrew word for mosquito is "yetoosh," and so the makers of this product were trying to be clever - Stop being a word that most Israelis easily know, and Tush being a cutesy name for mosquito. Needless to say, that is not the idea that popped into our heads upon finding this box...

Have a great day, everyone!

10 February, 2010

How very chivalrous

My dear brother in law, Menashe (I'm sure you remember him from posts like this and this, at the very least), recently found a funny packaging detail in his branch of the Shufersal grocery chain. Since I go to that same chain, but in a different location, I looked for it the next time I went. Lo and behold, it was right there, waiting for me, and so I took out my trusty camera.


Looks innocent enough, right? Little did you know that this is the most considerate, chivalrous mouse around. Let's flip it over to see what it says on the back:


So first of all, it's very informative. I never knew that the ultimate movement speed of normal man is 25 inches. Did you? That really explains a lot.

But did you see the best part? This one's suitable for the ladies! Finally.

And so, all of you ladies out there who think you don't have a sweet enough deal, maybe this here mouse will change your perspective. It's just for you! Who could ask for anything more :)

Have a great day, everyone!

02 February, 2010

A double whammy

Some of my fans are upset. There's a tremendously funny sign that's been spotted in Jerusalem's Mamilla Mall, and I didn't catch it first. That's okay, everyone! There are thankfully enough goofy signs out there that I don't mind sharing the limelight. However, since Zev (who took this photo in the first place) said he didn't mind if I posted it too, here you go:


Impressive and embarrassing, all at once! This sign is trying (in Hebrew, at least) to point out a passageway for disabled folk. The trouble here is that Hebrew doesn't have vowels, and so ma'avar (passageway) and me'ever (beyond) are spelled the same way. That's not generally a problem, since any human can figure out the correct context that the word is supposed to match. But it seems that Google Translate has gotten us once again - when I plugged these Hebrew words in, 'beyond disabled' is exactly what popped up as the English translation! Not so shocking, really; we've seen the blunders of Google Translate before. I think what is shocking is that whoever wrote this sign didn't think to double check with anyone before they rushed to print it up!

Anyway, that sign is fantastic, but it's not technically mine. So I figure this is as good a time as any to share with you all a different sign that I found at that same Mamilla mall, a couple of months ago:


Ha! My kids generally prefer pickles in vinegar to those in dill, but if they're really that big, I suppose they might reconsider...

Have a great day, everyone!