27 January, 2010

Okay, you tell me

I see this one almost every week, and almost every week it makes me chuckle out loud. Why? I'm not sure I can even put it into words. Maybe the imagery behind personal sponges just doesn't mingle well in my head with food?

Yeah. Yeah, that's probably it :) 

21 January, 2010

A simply splendid post

There's an older guy at my office who keeps things. I don't know how else to describe it - if there's anything you need, just ask him, and it's likely that he has it. He likes collecting old broken stuff, fixing it up, and giving it out to his friends. Furthermore, he's pretty handy at building new things out of what others would label junk. I'm pleased to list myself among his friends, and over the years, he's helped me out, and I've happily provided him with lots of broken stuff in return :)

A couple of months ago, he came to my desk, and offered me a wristwatch. I recalled my oldest daughter asking for a new one, and so I figured I'd bring it home and see if she was interested. She really liked it, since it had one of those stretchy bands, and since it fit, she slipped it right on. That's why I didn't get a close look at it until later. Imagine my surprise:

Unbelievable, right? I just don't get tired of this stuff.

By the way, I have to recommend this post that I saw today at Lovely Listings. If you haven't seen this blog before, go now! Sara is always, always laugh-out-loud funny - you won't regret going back and checking her daily!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

14 January, 2010

Officers only?

Our friends Lonnie and Jeff were in Ein Chemed recently, and found this wonderful, wonderful specimen. Just look at it!

For those of you who can't read Hebrew, and are perhaps a bit confused: this sign is trying to direct us to the washroom/bathroom/powder room/facilities/whatever you choose to call that important place that everyone's always embarrassed to talk about. So, now do you get it? Ha! See, had they gone for the "officers only" version instead of "water closet," they would have had a much easier time, it seems. But I've never seen anyone make this mistake before. Wow!

Thanks for thinking of me, guys - this is great!

08 January, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

My brothers and I were actually pretty efficient in getting an anniversary gift for my parents, a few weeks ago. For once, we managed to coordinate and choose something together, despite our living in four different cities, on two different continents. Wow, just typing that really puts life in perspective... Anyway, a few days after their anniversary, my father emailed me a photo of the box that our gift had arrived in; he thought I would enjoy it. Just so you understand, we got them a funky chala cutting board that sneakily opens into a bread basket. Of course, it's an Israeli product, and so you never know where the spelling will take you:

As I said to my Dad, this seems to be a gift that keeps on giving. But still, it was pretty embarrassing. My thought was: let's check the website where we originally found it, and see if they messed it up there, too. Lo and behold, they did, but differently...

Oh, those Israelis. I mean, us Israelis! We lead the world in medicine, technology, patents, publishing, you name it. But why can't we spell in English? Or at least misspell consistently? Oh, now I remember - to move up in the entertainment sector :)

Thanks, Mom and Dad - and Happy Anniversary!