22 September, 2008

Happy Blogoversary, Signs!

Last year, on September 22nd, this blog came to life. Here we are, a year later, and it turns out that we haven't yet run out of silly
quirks to chuckle at. Who would have thought?

Before I write today's post, I'd just like to tell you which were my favorite posts from the last year. Some of the best ones, I think, are from the very beginning, which means those of you who only started reading this recently likely haven't see them. Enjoy!

Here are my favorite ten posts from this past year.

Okay, onward.

On a yearly basis, the Elite brand crispy snacks (chips and such) give out different prizes in their bags. A few years ago, we got metal pogs, then we moved on to plastic pogs, and then finally, last year, we upgraded to tattoos. I think most parents didn't like the tattoos (my dear husband included), but I actually appreciated them - finally, a prize that didn't build up in piles all over my house!

Anyway, back in the days of the metal pogs, I found one that I liked. You see, most of them were terrifying: overall, they were like these:

But then, one day, someone brought this one home, and brought a smile to my face:
He's so sweet! I've carried him around in my organizer for the last three years - he's my beacon of innocence and hope, in a world of summoned skulls.

This year, we aren't getting tattoos. They've gone back to pogs, but cool rubbery ones that can be stacked and stuck together. Here's an example of one:

These don't seem quite as terrifying as the ones from days past - the pictures on the other side are much milder - but they do seem to be trying to be serious, as seen in this "blaze kick" version.

But then we got this one, and I'm starting to get confused as to the motivation behind it all:


I'd just like to take the opportunity to let you all know - if anyone wants to attack me, this is probably your best bet.


Anonymous said...

If I am going to be attacked, let it be with lavendar aromatherapy any day!

Mo-ha-med said...

New the blog and it's quite fun! Keep up the good work!

As for the Grandpa pog - well, i don't know the backstory of the pokemon but my suspicion is that the Grandpa probably turns into a monster by night, too. Little innoncence in these new cartoons..

toby said...

mo-ha-med, I'm glad that you like it, enjoy!
As for Grandpa, I'm holding tight to the thought that he's the one protecting viewers from those creepy villains. You may be right, but I don't see the harm in hoping :)