08 December, 2007

Apparently, not even one of us can do it right

Here's a picture that I've wanted to put up for some time now. It's another one of those that strikes me as hilarious every time I see it, and yet I have the feeling that many of you out there may not see the humor. Well, I suppose it can't hurt to try.

This is a sign (i.e. photocopy of a newspaper article) that is
taped to a closet that was originally in my coworker's office. The closet has since moved much closer to where I sit, and so I have the fun daily opportunity to notice and chuckle. Here you go - see if you can figure out where the chuckle-factor lies:

It's an article listing tips (tipim, in Hebrew) for ways that those (like me) who work in front of a computer all day can keep healthy. It's full of good information: take regular breaks, angle your monitor properly, make sure that your chair is at the right height, and so on. And they visually demonstrate so well just how to sit, and how absolutely not to sit.

And therein lies the fun. Because they didn't seem to have any tr
ouble finding a picture of a real live person sitting uncomfortably and looking frustrated as anything in front of a computer. Just look at her, it's downright sad. (I do apologize for the photo quality - remember, it's a photo of a photocopy of a newspaper article...)

However, when looking for the perfectly positioned (and smiling!) specimen, there seemed to be no choice but to use an artist's rendition. Because, my friends, that specimen is apparently fictitious. So, the next time your back is aching after a long stretch of whatever you do at a desk, don't give yourself too hard a time - for better or for worse, you're one of us.

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