13 January, 2015


My dear husband the Balashon has been blogging up a storm recently. His theory (and it seems to be working pretty well for him so far) is that posting short posts every day or so is far easier than trying to post longer ones, which take a lot more effort. He recommended I try the same thing here, and so I shall, starting with this amazing find, sent to me just today by Avigdor - buckle up!

 See, now this is the kind of mistake I would expect to find in Israel, and yet this sign is charging in dollars... Shame on you, you native English speakers, you! I mean, we all get hungry sometimes, but hopefully not *that* hungry :)

Thanks, Avigdor! And here's hoping to see all of you again soon, at my next short post :) All the best to you in the meantime!

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