19 May, 2011

Just some quickies

Sorry I haven't been around much - my life is getting the better of this blog! But never fear, true readers, in my heart I haven't abandoned you! I've just neglected you a teensy bit :) Anyway, I'll try to make up for it by posting a few good bloopers that I have here, waiting in the wings.

First, here's a funny one from my friend Varda. She found this quite a while ago on her package of dill, which is shamir in Hebrew. 

Corundum? Varda thinks maybe they thought that dill is actually coriander, and got confused. But considering that dill isn't coriander, and that corundum isn't coriander either, this is altogether bizarre. It definitely reconfirms my long-held suspicion that Israelis are pretty sure that no one actually reads the English on their labels - it's just good to slap something on there if you'd like a more professional look :)
Thanks, Varda!

Second up: this one from our friend Ricky. He found these knives in the grocery store, and was kind enough to grab a photo for me!

This thankfully looks like it wasn't written in Israel, but just arrived with the merchandise which was bought overseas. That means that I can enjoy the absurdity of the language without secretly feeling embarrassed about the ignorance of my countrymen! Thanks, Ricky!

And here's a news story shown to me by my friend Dena, a few months ago. It's just goofy! Just to explain: Blue Square is the name of the company that owns some grocery store chains here in Israel.

Okay, maybe they're moving away from selling some Tnuva products. But guys, who's going to clean that up??
Thanks, Dena!

And last but not least: this was flying around the internet yesterday, and was generously forwarded to me by Gidon, Dave, Ariel and Rachel! Wow. Generally when things go viral like that, I get a bit suspicious that they're fake. But still - four of you sent it to me (an all-time record), so I feel a bit obligated to share it with everyone else, just in case. Enjoy!!

I'm not even sure where to start with that one. So I'll just leave it as is, for you to enjoy. I will say this, though: Google Translate has made the world a much more entertaining place!

And as always, I'm posting this (a little late) to Lesley's meme, Signs, Signs. Go there now, if you'd like to see more fun signage photography! Have a great day, everyone!


MiriYummy said...

There are no saves! There are no saves!

Inger-M said...

Bizarre is the word for the first one! It would definitely not be a good idea to sprinkle corundum on your food; better use it for scrubbing!

Unknown said...

LOL i got dizzy reading the last one. yes, we can blame it all to Google Translator.:p

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Whew! That last one is an eye full.

Tania Cohen said...

Thanks for the good laugh!

Lesley said...

words fail.

Postcardy said...

Those are really funny.

I didn't know what corundum was until I looked it up. Now that I know, I definitely wouldn't want to eat it.

jo©o said...

It's a conundrum :-)