28 October, 2010

A new trend!

I'm entirely honored! This is the second week in which I'm privileged to post something that was sent to me by more than one friend. Thanks, guys, for thinking of me! 

First, my friend Jeff found the photo here, on the Hyper-Semitic blog. Thanks, Jeff, not only for the photo, but for introducing me to that blog!

And then, before I had a chance to post it, my friend Dena found the same exact sign in person, in the actual, live Central Park! Talk about a wacky coincidence. Get ready, everyone, here you go:

This is funny on many, many levels. As you can see, this helpful poster is warning us to be careful and stay away from stray animals that may carry rabies. It then goes to the trouble of translating the subject into many, many different languages. We the Jews are evidently worthy of two - both Hebrew and Yiddish! First, the fact that the city of New York is actively printing in Yiddish is a bit shocking to me, but hey - I've never lived in New York. Maybe that's not unusual. But here's the kicker - just like last week's post, the words here are both backward! Yep, left to right, instead of right to left. 

Okay, we're up to two levels: one, printing in Yiddish, and two, doing it backward. What's three, I hear you cry? Well, according to the backward Yiddish, the word for rabies is Vassershrek. And according to Hyper-Semitic
vasser-shrek= literally “water terror”. Probably related to foaming of the mouth.
Um, did you all know that Shrek means terror in Yiddish? Am I the only one left here with my jaw dropped open? 

Thanks so much, everyone! And have a great week!


Mrs. S. said...

!ynnuf yreV


Shabbat Shalom!

Rena said...

I always wondered where the name Shrek came from. Who knew it was Yiddish. Love it!

Varda Epstein said...

I love this one, Toby! ROTFLOL.

Sheva said...

I wanted you to know my husband and I have been going through your sight giggling like kids. I have to look around I'm sure I have some submission for you.

toby said...

Thanks, everyone!
Sheva - I'm entirely honored, and blushing :)
Glad you enjoyed!