21 October, 2010

And now, some stuff for the Hebrew speakers

This is going to be kind of a combination post. I'll start with this funny page from a book we considered buying while in the States. It's called Earth, by Jon Stewart. It was a bit pricey, so we left it on the shelf, but I noticed this page about Jews while flipping through. I thought this part was funny:

And then Dave noticed that in the text next to it, the Hebrew didn't seem to make any sense. Can you see why? (Tee-hee!)
So first of all, yes, the Hebrew doesn't have anything to do with the English. But second - look! It's all backwards! You know, just like what happens to us now and again when typing English and Hebrew together - except that we know how to fix it. So this passage is the beginning of Genesis, but with all the letters left to right, instead of right to left. Ha! Hmm, maybe it's not so funny - most people reading his book won't care. But I enjoyed it quite a bit, and now I'm giving you the opportunity to do the same.

And on that Hebrew blunders note, here's the second half of my post. This is a photo that has been going around the internet today - it was forwarded to me by no less than three of my friends (thanks Jay, Merav via Varda, and Inon!) and has featured prominently on at least one blog. And now, here at last, I present you:

Now, I'm not entirely sure if you'll all get this. While the Israelis are falling off their chairs in laughter, I'm going to try to explain to my Anglo readers: you can clearly see that this is Head & Shoulders shampoo. And yet the Hebrew ridiculously says "Eden Shodurs." This isn't entirely impossible, since many Israelis do skip over the H's in the beginnings of words. I personally really like that the L in shoulders became silent, in stark contrast (as pointed out by Rafi G.) to words like Lincoln, which becomes Linkolen in Hebrew. 

And yet I wonder - could anyone really be so dumb as to have written this sign? I think the fact that the photo spread so quickly is also adding to my hunch that the photo is a hoax. And yet, it's so funny, I couldn't resist posting it, even if it is a hoax! Enjoy, my gentle readers!

Oh - I need to share some JBlogosphere news: RivkA (of Coffee and Chemo) has been hospitalized! As always, please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel. And if you'd like to sign up to say Tehilim, you can do that here. Refua Sheleima Umehira!

That's all for now - have a wonderful weekend!

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