10 February, 2010

How very chivalrous

My dear brother in law, Menashe (I'm sure you remember him from posts like this and this, at the very least), recently found a funny packaging detail in his branch of the Shufersal grocery chain. Since I go to that same chain, but in a different location, I looked for it the next time I went. Lo and behold, it was right there, waiting for me, and so I took out my trusty camera.


Looks innocent enough, right? Little did you know that this is the most considerate, chivalrous mouse around. Let's flip it over to see what it says on the back:


So first of all, it's very informative. I never knew that the ultimate movement speed of normal man is 25 inches. Did you? That really explains a lot.

But did you see the best part? This one's suitable for the ladies! Finally.

And so, all of you ladies out there who think you don't have a sweet enough deal, maybe this here mouse will change your perspective. It's just for you! Who could ask for anything more :)

Have a great day, everyone!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Will the mouse put "smooth and accurate moves" on the ladies?