25 December, 2009

I'm not a doctor, but I play one on this box

Well, Ariel has come through for us once again. You all remember my friend Ariel, right? She brought us this doozy a little while back, and has tipped me off to other fun things in the past. Anyway, she's been using the camera on her phone for the benefit of us all; check out her cool photo essay, and we'll regroup at the bottom (there's one shot each of the front and back, plus various close-ups). As always, you can double click on the photos, if you'd like to enlarge them:

Ariel said: " I am so glad that these are medical toys.  I certainly would not want people who spell like this to be making real medical equipment. At first I wondered if it wasn’t supposed to actually be English.  Maybe it was another language that also used “doctor”?"

I obviously agree. What's your favorite part of this masterpiece?


Unknown said...

"Child in the Future from now on" What does that mean? Were there never children in the future until now? Were there never children doctors before and now there will be?

Yaffa/Yitz said...

This is hilarious. And, incidentally, infinitely more pleasurable than a toy helicopter.

debbie said...

I've always wanted to study iatrology, myself!

Anonymous said...

"before giving this toy to the child, please retain packaging for future reference"

That is, for hours of fun reading these gems.