01 July, 2009

So fashionable... almost

Here's a Microsoft blooper that my hubby Dave happened upon yesterday. He emailed me the screenshot, and I said, "in a timely fashion? Is that the joke?" I mean, "in a timely fashion" is kind of an archaic way to talk, but it's not that funny. And then he pointed out that it doesn't actually say "timely fashion." Almost... but not quite.

So really, this feels good, in a way. Good in the same way that I find quiet, deep pleasure when seeing other people's children misbehaving in the supermarket, or other people being criticized at work. Look - it's not only us dumb Israelis messing up the English language! Turns out we're in pretty good company!


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

That was a hard one to catch.
And your funny, don't worry, there are plenty of Americans that can't spell right. It actually drives me crazy when they do it on purpose!

Although this one was a typo. I guess this is what happens when you have excited workers who can't wait to finish their job, and don't have someone else proof read.

toby said...

JSOB - Hi! Yes, I know that a lot of Americans can't spell well, but usually the ones who spell publicly (like on signs, or on computer error messages like this one) are a little more careful, or a little more proofread.
Or so I thought :)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Toby: That is true, I thought so too.

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