20 July, 2009

Look out!

I'd just like to thank Dave - when we were driving back from our fun family vacation this past Saturday night, and I saw these - he didn't protest my squeals, the series of suddenly necessary u-turns, rummaging around for the camera, or me jumping out on the highway, just so I could provide you all with this crazy crazy e

Look it's a matched set:

What's that - you can't see? Here, I'll get a bit closer:

I would just like to mention that this is quite similar to a funny photoshopped sign that has traveled around the internet for quite some time. I must have it somewhere... ah, here:

This one is funny because the typo is in Hebrew, which translates to "Curvy Danger." Ha! It would be funnier were it real - but if you look at the spacing of the Hebrew letters in relation to the edges of the sign, it seems pretty obviously altered.

But I got a real one - woo hoo! It's pretty surreal :)


Bubby said...

Do you sometimes get the feeling these signs are waiting for you to discover them? Pretty cool, the way they just pop up at you.

Dave (Balashon) said...

I think the crazy thing was that all four signs had the same mistake. Someone really thought it was the right spelling!

toby said...

Bubby - yes, you'd think I would be used to it by now, but some of these still shock me. A little bit :)

Dave - copy/paste, copy/paste :)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

If not for your explanation I wouldn't have gotten it.

toby said...

Jewish Side - then I'm glad I explained it :)