14 February, 2008

Shouldn't weatherfolk be unbiased?

Okay, today's post is another screen shot. I feel a bit strange using it - somehow it seems like cheating, since a camera wasn't involved. But it really is funny, and I like to share, so here we go.

The weather here has been crazy. First it was freezing (but Really Freezing), and then it snowed. Then we a had a couple of days where we could venture out in short-sleeves, and now we're back to freezing winds and hail. Rumors are even spreading about another possible snowstorm early next week, but I'm trying hard not to believe, so as not to be disappointed if/when it doesn't arrive.

The thing is, Israel is a country where rain really counts - we rely on a wet winter to keep us going during our dry summers. So when it rains here, even if the rain is accompanied by brutal winds and frigid temperatures, it's generally considered politically correct to be grateful, and even enthusiastic.

Yesterday, I had a free minute at work, and checked the weather forecast online. It didn't seem
quite objective enough:

Worse? Why are we taking sides? And truthfully, we can't even be sure what this forecast is implying; sure, it could be worse, as in "rainier." But since rain is a good thing, it could also be worse as in "sorry, the rain will taper off."

Pretty silly, if you ask me.


Miriyummy said...

Worse seems like the perfect word for me. According to weather.com, there is a 60% chance for snow on Monday, and we are making a wedding in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Yes, worse.....

toby said...

Wow - that's a bit stressful.

Okay, how's this: I wish for you that there is little enough snow to make arriving at your wedding easy for everyone, and enough snow to make it beautiful and unique.
Besha'ah tova!