02 February, 2008

Just to get a sense of priority

Well, it snowed all right. We got two snow days out of the equation, and a lot of fun. However, I didn't have a lot of opportunity to go around snapping photos of funny signs, so I'll post something that's been sitting in my inbox for a while.

Last month, my highly esteemed father-in-law came for a visit to Israel. Since my son has been taking basketball after school, the idea of taking him out to a "real" game came up. The thing is, we weren't sure how to go about getting tickets, having only moved here eleven years ago. We're not that sports oriented a family; could you tell?

Anyway, my computer-wise husband did what he does best; he googled (in
Hebrew) the word "basketball," figuring that some kind of helpful information was likely to come up.

Now, as you likely know, when using the Google toolbar, options of things Google thinks you may be interested in pop up as you type. So, if you're typing, say, "mayflower," as you type m, the most popular things searched for starting with m pop up, then when you get to ma, the ma's start coming, and so on. Try it, it's kind of fun.

Now basketball in Hebrew is "cadur sal," meaning literally ball/sphere basket. So when Dave had gotten to the end of "cadur," all of the most popular entries beginning with cadur starting coming, in order of most searched. I realize that this post may not translate well into English, but bear with me, I'll try to make it clear. Here's a screen shot of what popped up. It's not exactly a sign, true, but I think it truly is a sign of the times:

Okay, and here are the top ten searched for items on Google beginning with "ball/sphere," according to Google Israel, December 2007:
1) Soccer
2) Chocolate Bon bons
3) The Earth
4) Basketball
5) Hot-Air Balloon
6) Volleyball
7) Caduri (the name of a very famous Israeli Rabbi)
8) Handball
9) Meatballs
10) Recipe for Chocolate Bon bons

Need I say more? How can I say more? I think I'm proud to be part of a society that holds bon bons so highly in stature. Higher than the Earth! Wow.


Yocheved said...

I never realized that before!
That's really funny!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Not just bon-bons, but CHOCOLATE. Yum! It's certainly number one on my priority list!