14 January, 2008


Here's a little something that I happened upon not long ago, and it made me think twice. It doesn't need much introduction; here you go:

For anyone who can't tell, this is the name of a company which apparently sells computers - the name is stuck onto the front of the computer, just under the cd-rom drive. So my first thought was, "BAR? Those letters aren't really the first of the words Businesslike Computers LTD. Hmm." But okay, that's fine. Maybe Bar is the name of the owner's kid, it doesn't necessarily have to be the initials for something deeper. No biggie.

Now believe me, I would have liked to just walk away after that, but no, my easily distracted head was troubled by something else by that time, and there was no stopping. "Business...like? That doesn't seem quite strong enough. This company seems to have pretty low self esteem." I mean, really. Are they just playing dress-up as business-worthy computers? What are they trying to tell us? "If you want to pretend to run a business, we're your guys."

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