24 January, 2008

Back to the burgers

That same hamburger chain I mentioned a couple of weeks ago has a restaurant in Efrat, and they're always very good about mailing out menus and magnets on a regular basis. This seems to me like an expensive endeavor, but it must pay off, because they're still around.

Not too long ago, my dear brother-in-law (thanks, Menashe!) called, and mentioned that he saw some crazy line about deliveries in the latest menu. Now, he lives in Jerusalem, but I didn't think that the menus were individualized for each region, so I checked the one that we had just gotten in the mail. Here's the quick blip about deliveries:

I'm not sure if y'all can make it out, so here's what it says in English: VALID SUN-THU FROM 11:00 TILL 01:00 AND SAT NIGHT. MI

That didn't seem so funny to me. I looked inside the menu, and found the usual typos, nothing too special. The funniest thing I found was that they spelled chili "chilly," and so one can choose from "sweet chilly sauce" or "hot chilly sauce."

Anyway, I kind of forgot about it, until we went to visit Menashe in Jerusalem, and he had gone to the trouble of saving the menu for me. Turns out that they do differ from city to city, because here's his:

It's the same information, with one small added line (and this in bold lowercase, whatever that's meant to imply): males do not valid in delivery


That threw us all for a loop and a giggle, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they meant delivery ROOMS. Males, indeed, are not especially "valid" there.

toby said...

Nice angle :)

Anonymous said...

I think they meant "meals not valid in delivery," like if you order the special meal combo, they won't deliver it. (I figured that out by reading the Hebrew)

toby said...

Hi Anonymous,
I am without doubt that what they wrote has nothing to do with what they meant - but precisely therein lies all the fun. There's no reason we can't enjoy the end product...