20 December, 2007

Mmmm... vinyl...

A lot of the things you find in stores here in Israel are imported from faraway countries, not all of them as first-world (or even second-world) as some might be accustomed. I'm talking about all kinds of things: clothing, toys, household goods and more. The labels on some of these things are a wellspring of humor just waiting to be enjoyed as you shop - it's really great fun.

We purchased some birthday gifts for my niece this week (happy birthday,
Chana!) and I do hope that she enjoys them all. While wrapping one of them, I happened to notice some interesting notations on the back. I must say, she may not enjoy this gift for all the tempting reasons that the manufacturer thinks she will, but who knows? Kids these days are a lot more advanced than when I was younger - maybe it's just me who thinks this list isn't attractive.

First, the product: a doll.

She's cute enough, pink hair and all, how can you go wrong? But check out the back of the package:

Movable arms and legs - that's a good one. A sure sign of quality playtime. Perhaps the rooted hair is just a goofy translation - the information is still helpful. This hair is soft and brushable, not just painted on. I suppose the painted eyes might be impressive, it seems she's had her makeup done.

But kids choosing one doll over another because of its vinyl head? We truly live in a brave new world.


Yocheved said...

I think that that was a great joke!
and cute!
I never looked at that!(the back of the box)now i will! thank you for showing me that.

toby said...

Thanks, Yoch, I'm glad that you liked it!

Anonymous said...

Actually, when I was a kid, rooted hair meant it was a more expensive toy--the head had holes in it to root the hair into, instead of a painted-on head--rooted hair was a good thing!

toby said...

right, I figured the rooted hair was good - it was just the vinyl that threw me off...