03 December, 2007

I'm not sure there's much they could have done about this one

I remember the days when navigating the streets of Jerusalem was a real challenge - back to back crowded side streets that always seemed to go in circles. Driving in Israel anywhere can be a challenge, although I've said for years that my transition from Chicago driving to Israel driving was made much easier by living in Boston for three years in between. Those Boston drivers are nuts (and of course we love them for it), and they make the famed Israeli crazy driver look like a pussycat. I was once witness to a Boston driver crossing in front of three lanes of traffic, turning right from the far left turn lane. But let's not get off the subject.

The point was meant to be: not too many years ago the Jerusalem municipality decided to plop down a lovely, spacious highway, right in the middle of the highest traffic areas. Crazy though it seemed at the time, it has made gettin
g around a lot easier, and a lot less time consuming. The highway of course needed a name, and so it was decided to pay tribute to the recently deceased former Prime Minister, Menachem Begin. Of course, to use his full name would be a bit of a mouthful, and so these signs can be seen all over the city:

This seemed pretty normal, until my brother (hi, Benjy!) came for the year, and started asking questions. "What, is it a race? Why are they telling us to begin?"

And I just haven't been able to look at it the same ever since.

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Anonymous said...

I've actually wondered what the etymology of Begin's name is. I don't think it's Hebrew, but it doesn't sound particularly Yiddish or European...