10 October, 2007

Don't let hunger cloud your sense of direction

One evening in Chicago, my husband and I spontaneously decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream, and so we headed for a popular local place near my parents' house. On our way out, my brother asked me to check out what items were "chalav yisrael," meaning fully produced by Jews, or at least supervised by Jews from start to finish. As we were waiting in line, I was prepared to ask his question, when I was suddenly confronted with one of the most astonishing signs I've seen:

Where can I begin? Perhaps I should further explain that the ice cream "parlor" of point is relatively unique in its layout - the customers stand outside and place their orders through a tiny, low-set window, and sit at picnic tables around the parking lot. There really isn't any opportunity to see anything inside, and certainly not whether or not your ice cream is coming out of a particular spout. It would seem easier to just ask each time which Chalav Yisrael flavor is available...

But even if you could see what was going on, I find it funny that the cRc fully expects every customer to know which way is West! I know that Chicagoans pride themselves on the ease with which their streets can be navigated, all lined up in a lovely grid, and so it may be obvious to most of them, but some of us out-of-towners have a harder time.

Well, at least they showed their Zionist loyalties and chose the Western Wall - no way that could be coincidental, right?


skap said...

You told me about this, but I never actualy saw it--it's too funny! C'mon..are you trying to tell me you've lost your sense of direction since you've left the states?

toby said...

Umm... how many hours did it take me to find Cicero?

Arie90435 said...

First of all - I never knew you were posting more stuff until I looked at my Facebook home page. I really like what you've done.

Now, on topic - I am thinking I am totally in the mood for some Chalav Yisrael (or is it Cholov Yisroel) Nuts. I really think that we should be around for the milking of the nut tree. I'd like to supervise that. Geez!