27 October, 2007

A fancy new insult for anyone in need

I'm the first to admit that I'm just no good at identifying flowers and plants. Don't get me wrong - I'm a big lover of nature, and could easily spend hours outdoors, mesmerized by the beauty of anything growing, green or otherwise. It's just that my memory isn't very good, and so although I have indoor plants and outdoor plants, and I enjoy them all, I really don't remember the names of almost any.

That said, I wonder if the folks at the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem have forgotten a few themselves, and are beginning to ad-lib. Anyone out there recognize this and can vouch for its name? If not, I'll assume it's what the sign-painting guy called the flower-expert guy when he discovered that the piece of paper with the real name had been misplaced...


Anonymous said...

You'll probably call me a spoilsport (and perhaps even a super bum), but the word means "superb".

See here:


Anonymous said...

Not sure why that link didn't load well.

Trying again:


toby said...

Oh, I suppose you think you're some kind of language expert, eh? That's fine, I'm sticking with my position - the comic value here outweighs the fact that the word may have meaning. Just because there actually exists a supermarket called "cheaperkol" doesn't keep us all from chuckling.