15 December, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

I've almost written a post here so many times, I can't even count them all. I had finally found some free time, and then we suddenly were in the middle of a war, and it seemed a wee bit inappropriate. And then, just as suddenly, the war was over! Maybe. And then it was Chanuka... 

Well, there will always be things going on that seem more important that blogging, and maybe they are. But today was my birthday! And so I've decided to give myself a gift of 12 minutes to write a post. Here, from me to you, are some (really old) typos from the Holy Land. Get ready! But remember, these were sent to me back in 2011... I do hope to catch up on all of my old material soon, so we can move on to some current items! Fortunately, these don't spoil with time :)

First up, as seen on the Modiin-chat list, courtesy of my best friend Rach. Just out of curiosity, how many months does your baby have? And - am I the only one here made a little bit nervous by the initial MUMMY!!!!!! shriek here? Are we being alerted to a monster attack?

That is one convincing ad. Maybe it was the chug of music that got to me, I'm not sure. I don't know about you guys, but I am totally going to call soon and make my reservation!!!!!!

Here's a fancy tabletop feature, submitted to me by both Dave and my good friend Dena. It turns out that the nice people at Cafe Hillel have decided to treat their friends in the theater business with the high level of service that they so deserve:
But if you're not a certified costumer, don't you even *try* to push any of those those buttons. No cheating, now!

Here's another funny item from Dave. This bird observatory is located very nearby to his office:

I think that they were going for "hideaway." I'm not even sure how I would have better translated this sign, but this option clearly does not work.

And last but not least (since this has surprisingly taken a few more than my self-allotted 12 minutes) here's one more from Dave. He really was on a roll back in 2011:

Okay, so for those of you unfamiliar with the Hebrew here, the word bad (pronounced bod) means cloth. This is a textiles shop. But their version seems to be a deep statement about our world, don't you think? Good be good, and bad, well, bad be bad. 

As always, I'll be linking on Wednesday to Lesley's fun meme, Signs, Signs. Go check it out, if you'd like a well-rounded view of the world through signage :)
That's all for now, folks. Have a great day! Hope to see you back here soon! 


rutimizrachi said...

Happy birthday, girlfriend! This was fun -- and Heaven knows, we needed it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bird_hide

Dina said...

Hey, happy birthday! And thanks for celebrating it with a funny post.

When I first sat inside that "bird watching hide" all I could think about was the strange sounding language, which distracted me from the birdwatching.
How many people would actually know that the British say "a bird hide"?
"Blind" I more or less knew from America (well, from when I volunteered in Arkansas).

Anyway, have a great rest-of-the-day!

Miriyummy said...

Happy birthday! Personally, I would have given myself a huge bar of chocolate, or maybe a fattening sufganiya, but I'm glad you gave yourself the 12 minutes so I could have my morning chuckle. Ad 100 k-20!

HolyCityPrayer said...

I think I sent you the "be bad... be real bad" (or something like that) sign

but I understand that you need to keep your credit up with Dave more than with me:-)


toby said...

Thanks, everyone! I definitely did not know that a bird hide was an actual concept, it still sounds very strange to me. But it's always nice to learn something new! It's a shame that our helpful informant remained anonymous...
And Gidon, I don't trust my memory for anything, especially now that I'm so very old :) I have the email from Dave with this photo, I've just been going through the stuff I got in the order it was received. Maybe you sent it to me later, I'll let you know if I find it! Thanks, either way!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Happiest birthday to you! Love this unusual collection of fascinating signs!

Lesley said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Toby!
I always look forward to weirdly translated signs!