23 February, 2012

Hmm. What's a funny title with the word saloon?

Hello, all of you! How have you been? 

Before we get to the funny signs, I just have to thank Mirj from Miriyummy, who interviewed me and made me totally famous! I'm just so honored and excited! For anyone who hasn't yet seen the interview, it's right here. Thanks so much, Mirj!

And so, it's fitting that we begin with these signs, that Mirj herself found, quite a few months ago. She came across them while in a restaurant in Jaffa, and was kind enough to send them on to me. Wowee, buckle up:

Mirj told me that she resisted ordering the mus :)

We once found ourselves in a sushi restaurant that spelled the word wine three different ways on the same menu, but they were scattered around in different locations on the menu - these versions of chicken are so close to each other, it seems somehow even worse. And look at all the rest! Why am I suddenly thinking of IAMS, isn't that a brand of dog food? I have a very bad feeling that the lamb is spelled that way because someone accidentally hit caps lock... oy oy oy.

Thanks so much for these gems!

Next up, from my good buddy Dave, who found this while walking around Jerusalem:

I really wish people would stop making fun of Americans. I personally am going to do my part by posting this, and not saying a word :)

Thanks, Dave!

Third up for the day, this just in from new Olah Rachel B, who kindly forwarded this funky potty package to me:

There's so much to say here, I don't know where to begin. I like how we're encouraged to try it out, as if we should open it up in the store aisle and see how it feels. I like that this company is abreast of the times! I like that Closestool rhymes with Playskool. And on and on and on... Thanks so much, Rachel! Sorry it took so long to post, and I hope you'll send more awesome bloopers when you find them! Note that I didn't say if you find them... :)

Here's an amazing amazing flyer sent in to me by Dana, another first-time submitter. This is just wonderful, get ready!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Wow! There are so many funny things here, although my favorite is definitely the groping singles. I wonder if their new assistant will be able to help them out with proofreading?

Thanks, Dana!

And lastly, why am I posting today, of all days? Because when I picked up the mail this evening, I found this, and decided that I could wait no longer:

I saw this and started laughing out loud. My family thought that I was a little bit crazy. And then I saw that there was an accompanying magnet, with the same thing that had just cracked me up.

Do you see it? Do you see it? That bit about the saloon? Oh, man, there's just no end - I've got cowboys with curlers in my head now...

Naturally, I'm posting this to Signs, Signs, Lesley's fun meme. Go on over there, if you'd like to see more signage from all over the world, most more elegant and artistic than mine :)

Have a wonderful week, everyone - thanks for stopping by!


Lesley said...

I am laughing too hard to comment.....
a lovely grope of intelligent singles, indeed.
Oh my.

Your collections of wonderful signs never disappoints.

EG CameraGirl said...

I wonder why they have three different spellings for the word chicken? Perhaps they are hoping one is correct. Hmmm. Groping singles? Scary thought. :))

Lindy said...

You have some gems there! I like the phonetic spelling of baklava (baqlva). Makes sense. ;-)

Miriyummy said...

Great post, I'm sitting here giggling into my coffee, getting weird looks from office mates.

Thanks for posting that menu I sent you. It was a tough choice in that restaurants, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to order the chicken, the chikekn of the chiken.

And you must have a better mind than I do, because when I saw the word CLOSESTOOL I had one of these word associate runs -- stool, potty, what do you do in the potty, stool!

Pardon me, it's been a frenetic morning, I think I'll just go off and find myself a special grope, that should make my day...

Miriyummy said...

I just noticed another thing -- your good buddy Dave?

And Blogger is making it more and more difficult to leave comments. Those words look like something on one of your menus...

toby said...

Oh, thanks so much for reminding me, Mirj! Blogger went nuts last week and made the word verifications *much* harder to read, and I managed to get rid of them for my pretty blog, but I had forgotten to do it here, too. I just did it now - thank you!!

LindyLouMac said...

Calling by from the signs meme, what a fun collection you found to share.

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

It was actually a fun grope!

Yitz Lefkowitz said...

Whenever we go out to eat, my wife and I have a game of finding all of the funny mistakes in the menu. So far our favorite one (and this one shows up everywhere) is dreamy cheese. You know, haloumi cheese.

Even so, these are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

Yitz Waxman said...

Reminds me of an episode of the 3 stooges. They wanted to go into business and stopped by the office of a non-native English speaking business broker. The broker asks them what kind of business do you want to buy?

Larry: A saloon.

Curly: yea - a beauuuuuutiful saloon.

The broker proceeds to set them up in a beauty salon and you can fill in the script from here.

Yosefa said...

So funny! I'm picturing myself lifting my skirt in Baby Club to try the fully wonderful, but again comfortable toilet.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wow, these are really fun...I've chuckled several times and can think of a few snide remarks but I'll keep quiet! Just hilarious. I'm glad I stopped by, even if several months late!