02 October, 2011

It's been too long!

I miss you guys! It's been a long, wonderful summer, but I want to blog again! And so, now that my life has been slowly calming down, I've decided to rearrange my schedule and make time for funny signs once again. Thanks to all of you, my virtual fans, for waiting patiently!

And so, with no further ado - here goes!

Do you all know Dina, my fellow Israeli blogger? She takes beautiful, insightful and interesting photos all around the Jerusalem area - you should check out her blog, if you haven't already! Anyway, she found this excellent, ridiculous specimen in Tel Aviv at the beginning of the summer (see her post for more details):
That really is just gorgeous - what a tremendously fancy typo! I'm pretty sure that even putting bon voyage here is inappropriate - I don't think that people leaving the fair are going on a voyage per se. But they certainly aren't going on a vayage! Thanks for thinking of me, Dina! 

My dear husband found this bizarre, bizarre sign for me while walking through Jerusalem. Buckle up:
Is it just us? Is yummy really the feeling they're looking to invoke?

And just to make us feel better about Israeli bloopers - Micha found this for me while he was vacationing in New York City! For shame, NYC, for shame...
That one's actually a little tricky - do you see it? Good eye, Micha!

Thanks so much, all of you - tune in again soon for more! Shana Tova, everyone - have a sweet and wonderful new year!


Mrs. S. said...

Yay! You're back!

Salesclerk to customer: "Yes, we have pany of those. Right this way, sir..."

Dina said...

Hey, you're back in business, yay!

Maybe the "yummy" description of a shoe would appeal to a dog.

I did have to read the last one twice to find the typo.

Thanks for your kind words.
Whenever I see a strange sign now, I think of your blog.

toby said...

Yes, I'm back! Sorry it took so long...
Mrs. S. - nice one!
and Dina - you're not the only one who thinks of me when they witness the absurd :)

Bubby said...

Glad to see your posts! So funny! It took me a view or two to find the panythose...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

We ate in a restaurant the other day that had meat that tasted like anti-bacterial linings, but it wasn't yummy in the least. I should let that place know where they can get a better quality and yummy lining.

Pragmatician said...

Loved the vayage one! Maybe it was intended as a joke on the typical Israeli accent en français?