11 November, 2009

The latest import - get yours now!

I always try to walk through the electronics department at Supersol before I start grocery shopping. You just never know what goodies you may find. This one caught my eye:

Hold on, if you can't see, here it is a bit closer:

 Ha! But wait, there's more:

I especially like the beating element, and of course the bandles. But I've never liked pop quizzes, and certainly not while I shop...


Mrs. S. said...

This one is truly awesome!

I'm glad to see that they went with a practical switch. Because don't you just hate when you go to turn something on, but then you realize that the switch simply isn't practical?
(Seriously, what does "practical" even mean?!)

Patti said...

Yes, yes, the practical switch is nice. I like the bandles and beating element, as well.

But what convinced me that this is the Barbegue I have been looking for are the detacbable grill wire and beating element.

And who does not like "warm keeping"? Selmor (subtle or misspelled?), I want two!

toby said...

Look, they've really done us a favor here - having a switch at all is pretty practical, and they've gone and given us a practical one on top of that. Maybe we should be grateful, instead of making fun :)

As for "Selmor," I've chuckled at that one for years. Not as subtle as they'd like... but really, if they want to affect the customers, it should be "byemoar," no?