29 April, 2009

They didn't contemplate their navel

Last night and today we celebrated Yom HaAtsma'ut - Israel's Independence Day. What fun! The weather was fantastic - last night's ceremony was just right (previous years have been uncomfortably chilly) and today was sunny but not too hot - just right for the day trip that we had planned.

We generally like hiking on Yom HaAtsma'ut; we like to go and explore this lovely country that we live in. But this year we decided to do something we hadn't done before. We went to the port in Ashdod, where they had a lot of Israeli Navy stuff on display to the public.

I'm glad we went - it was a lot of fun. Also, I must say that it was the most
organized event I recall attending - ever! We were led into a parking space by a staff of around eight Navy officers. We were then directed to busses that had been chartered to drive us all the way to the actual port. And then we got to walk around, seeing different boats and displays, and talking to officers (in their fancy dress uniform). It was interesting, different, and very satisfying.

Toward the end, Dave found this sign describing one of the boats on display. I was hesitant to photograph it - I was having such a good time, and was feeling so patriotic and proud of the Navy that I didn't have the heart to poke fun. But this was pretty funny, so I gave in.

I really don't want any commando units in my navel.

They did a nice job with maneuverability, though :) Happy 61st, Israel!


Joyce B. said...

I'm glad you had such a good time and glad you posted the sign.

toby said...

Thanks, Joyce!