25 February, 2009

At last - a worthy sign

This one isn't funny, not at all. Nonetheless, I was just so impressed with its presence, I felt I had to snap a photo.

In the last couple of years, I've heard truly terrifying stories involving escalators and various bodily injuries - a lot involving Crocs (yet another reason to steer clear of them). I'm actually getting the chills right
now, just thinking about it... Anyway, my kids and I were strolling through the Hadar mall in Jerusalem, and found this educational sign at the top of the escalator:

How nice! How helpful! And I couldn't even spot any typos. Hmm... I wonder if an English speaker was behind this :)

Be careful, everyone!

Oh, if you feel cheated, since there wasn't any humor here today, go to this site that a bunch of people have recommended to me recently.


Anonymous said...

It's therefore a little strange that the escalator model is davka wearing Crocs, no?

toby said...

no, I think that's the whole thing - they're saying, "especially you croc wearers, be careful!"

Anonymous said...

I do feel cheated. You usually have such great typos. :( Am eagerly awaiting your next post.

toby said...

Aw, Ricky, that's sweet. I'm glad that you (usually) like coming by. I'll try to do better next time :)

(And feel free to hunt down a typo or two for the cause...)

tronx013 said...
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toby said...

I don't want to get into too much detail here, because like I said, the whole thing creeps me out, but here's one article (validated by snopes):