04 November, 2008

I'd like some, please

Our good friend Ricky was recently in the Old City of Jerusalem, touring around. Now, Israel in general is a much toured country, but the Old City specifically is usually full of tourists. Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of people who just live there, whether in their home or on a one-year study program. But it goes without saying that if any place in Israel needs good English signage, this is it.

Anyway, he was in the "Old Yishuv Court Museum," which he enjoyed, as far as I know. And, luckily for me, he found this sign above the cashier's window:

Ha! Sounds to me like they're giving, not taking. Come one, come all!


Arie90435 said...

This is less of an Israel / Funny Engrish thing and more of a UK / US divide. They don't have "Cashiers" in the UK, but all stores have "Cash". So, this is another historical legacy from the Mandate... I still like your perspective on it though. :)

toby said...

My favorite signs from the UK were the ones that said "WAY OUT," when they were trying to direct me to an exit.
It's true - I haven't spent much time outside Israel and the US, so I guess my skepticism may tend to jump to conclusions. Being skeptical can be fun, though :)