11 October, 2008

A new way to do it

You may recall that my dear brother Benjy came to visit Israel last year, and snapped a bunch of funny photos that I've been slowly posting. Well, we've come to the last one in this series, and soon I'll post what he's been finding in LA.

Here we go:

Now, the fact is, the English here (overall) is pretty good. There's the one obvious mistake that they conveniently highlighted for us in red, but aside from that, not bad. The funny thing to me is that it's not a direct translation. The gist is the same, but it seems that whoever translated into English also decided that really, the Hebrew version was much too wordy, and so decided to cut out most of the fluff. Even if you're not fluent in Hebrew, you can see that there are far less words in English than in Hebrew, and in a direct translation, the opposite tends to be true.

Also, they seemingly gave up on translating the little haimish!
in the bottom corner, which means "warm and comfortable; homey; folksy" according to answers.com. Peculiar, maybe the translator knew only Hebrew, and not any Yiddish? Or maybe that, too, was edited out.

Anyway, shirts done like a home would be nice to see! Maybe I'll give them a call. Thanks, Benjy!


Anonymous said...

Actually homes are built pretty sloppy, and poor quality. Maybe the translator was warning customers to stay away?

Unknown said...

Tell Benjy, great picture. And thanks for the plug.

toby said...

Yeah, Ricky, I thought you'd appreciate that :)