10 September, 2008

So very silly

I'm sure you've all seen your share of goofy signs from Beijing. There are emails full of them whizzing through cyberspace (do people still say cyberspace?) - regular everyday signs in China, that were recently (mis)translated into English, for the sake of all the tourists arriving for the Olympics. They're all funny, and a lot of them remind me of the things we see here. But this one, found by my childhood friend Charlotte, is just astonishingly funny. It's here on Language Log, which looks like a site up my dear husband's alley:

Wow, right?


Anonymous said...

luv it!


Mo-ha-med said...

I urge you to google the 'fried wikipedia' signs, if you haven't seen them yet..

toby said...

Okay, everyone, mo-ha-med has found another Language Log entry - check out: http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/005189.html