17 March, 2011

We're on the map!

I've been a bit busy with life lately - nothing in particular, but somehow I seem to have less time than usual for things online. I don't want to abandon my loyal fans, though, and so I'm taking a minute to post this doozy, kindly sent in by my friend Dena. She's found so many of these for me that at this point, I'm thinking I should just turn over the whole blog to her! Anyway, here's the latest - thanks so much, Dena!

Maybe I should explain: mapa is the Hebrew word for tablecloth, something that often makes us immigrants laugh. Maps and tablecloths are a little similar, if you look for it - they're both big flat sheets that can be folded up, right? But now, here comes another example of good old Israeli know-how. The word is mapa, they've heard the word map, what could be easier? They must go together, right? No need to ask an English speaker - anyone can speak English! It's so easy! 

You've got to love it :)

Once again, I'm posting this to Lesley's meme, Signs, signs. Have a great week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

glad you explained that - was totally lost in translation.

Joy said...

The difference is that one type is easier to fold than the other:-)

Inger-M said...

But an anti-stain map would be brilliant! Then you wouldn't take a wrong turn because of a chocolate smudge! :-)

Lesley said...

so, just follow the trail of ivy.... and take a left at the third leaf

Unknown said...

LOL @ Lesley and Inger-M's comments.
i've never seen an anti-stain tablecloth here. my mom would probably put a layer of transparent plastic over it to make it anti-stain.:p

Isreview said...

Great one Toby and Dena!
Oh gosh what a different world we would live in if our maps were stain free.
- Inger-M and Lesley-Your comments made me laugh too:)

Kim, USA said...

Hehehe that is pretty cool. In the Philippines mapa is map. ^_^
Sign of time

Dina said...

Many European friends have "carta" in their languages, meaning map, and they automatically translate it to English as "card."