12 October, 2010

Even in America

Well, you may not all know this, but even as I type, Dave and I are on a fun-filled vacation in the States! We've been in Boston since Thursday afternoon, and are headed out to Chicago tomorrow night, where we'll be through Sunday. If you're in either of those locations, we would love to see you!

Anyway, needless to say, I haven't been doing much blogging recently. Who has time? But I didn't want to leave you all waiting around... and I really couldn't resist after finding what I found! Just wait - here it comes:

We were out at lunch with friends in Boston. The place was lovely: good food, big portions, and not too expensive. As we were walking out, Dave grabbed a menu. "Maybe you'll find something for your blog," he suggested. I reminded him that we were in the US, and that people know how to write in English - but then again, it's always good to have an extra menu, so I stuck it in my bag. And there it rested until last night. When I took it out, I think I may have yelped out loud. Can you believe it? Right there on the cover:

Can you believe it? I'm really not sure that I can! I mean, I know that Mediterranean is a long word. Maybe they didn't want to use a smaller font or something, maybe they figured no one was likely to really read the whole word... but on the cover? Mediterrean? Come on. For shame!

On the other hand, this makes me feel much better about all those mistakes I find in Israel :)

I hope to be back on my regular posting schedule soon - in the meantime, take care, all of you!


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

You've never heard about Mediterrean cuisine? Haven't you ever been to Mediterria? Really good fish there!


alizagryn said...

Hello? The place is owned by Israelis!! (who don't ask anyone American to check their spelling even in America b/c - "ma pitom?! I know English very good!")

Mrs. S. said...
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Mrs. S. said...

@Aliza - The place is owned by Israelis? Ah, that would explain the parentheses:
"Hey, Dudu, tagid li, oolai atah yodei'ah. In America, do they use parentheses for the, eh, eich omrim kedomet b'Anglit? You don't know either? Tov, so we'll just write one phone number with parentheses and one without..."

Bubby said...

Probably has something to do with being on the ground--or in a terrarium..

leah said...

Not to mention that Eilat is nowhere near the Mediterranean

Sheva said...

Ok I know everyone else said but I have to say it again... This place is owned by Israelis, but the food is good