18 December, 2009

Only in Israel - The Chanuka Edition

I tell you, I was looking all week long for a Chanuka related typo. All week! I found lots of breathtaking sunsets, lots of beautiful Menoras, and of course, plenty of Chanuka related paraphernalia. But nothing funny - bizarre, right?

Then last night I was shopping with my youngest daughter. We were waiting in line at our local, classy toy store, when I saw this. No, it doesn't have any English on it, so I couldn't find any funny English typos, but I thought that it was funny nonetheless. Is this possibly sold anywhere but in Israel?

Do you get it? It's a Chanuka gelt machine. Weird, right? I imagine that using it would make me feel all guilty, like a counterfeiter... 

It's possible that I just had gelt on the brain, since my husband has been talking about it all week - starting with this article, before he wrote this one. But either way, I thought this was worth sharing. 

Enjoy the rest of your Chanuka, everyone!


Dina said...

A gelt machine! Ha!

Toby, thanks for telling me about the Shadow Shot Sunday. I did it.

Your blog is fun!
Shavua tov.

toby said...

Hi Dina - welcome to my alter ego blog :) I'm glad that you joined the Shadow Shot group!

Rebecca said...

Counterfeit gelt! Hysterical! I don't know how I only found your blog now!!! I'm going to have to make up for lost time and read the whole thing in one go! I love funny signs. Do you ever feel awkward taking photos in the stores/anywhere? I love funny signs! Did you ever see the Zabaj site - they had some funny ones there. I posted a few on thebigfelafel.com
Love your blog Toby! Keep up the funny misspellings.

toby said...

Thanks, Rebecca - I'm glad you're enjoying it!
I do occasionally feel a little weird when pulling out my camera, but it passes quickly :)