14 January, 2009

Didn't see this one coming

We're still at war. Early this afternoon, an air raid siren went off outside my window, and I was a bit shaken, to say the least. It was, thank God, a false alarm, although too many rockets did unfortunately hit elsewhere in Israel all day.

You'd think, under these circumstances, that there wouldn't be any funny typos from which to glean pleasure. And yet, my dear husband Dave managed to find one. Here it comes:

It seems that Joe the Plumber, of McCain campaign fame, has come to Israel to be a US war correspondent. A bit unusual, but fine. He visited
Sderot, and checked out the general situation. He's coming across as quite pro-Israel, so I have no complaints. You can read about it here (in English).

The article that Dave saw was in Hebrew, and had more pictures. In the first, we see Joe holding a small rocket:

Okay, apparently this was given to him as a gift by an Israeli plumber. I'm not sure what we're supposed to understand from the choice of gift (your average Israeli plumber can whip up a rocket? pretty strange), but what's done is done.

Anyway, at the end of the article, they have a close-up shot of the rocket:

Dave sent me the article, and I read the rocket a few times before I got it. I'll type out the message, in case it's too small to read:
"For Joe the plumber,
Thank you for your support in these difficult days.
From the Israeli plumber, Mohe N."

Some of you may not get it, but here it is. The Israeli plumber's name (as given in the article) is Moshe. Moshe is the Hebrew version of Moses; there's no such name as Mohe. The man spelled his name wrong! Wow.

That's what we've got, folks - war jokes :)

Here are a few good articles/videos to check out about what's going on here:





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