21 December, 2011

Happy Chanuka!

It's here at last - Happy Chanuka! Even before my eldest daughter was born on the first night of Chanuka, I think that it always was my favorite holiday. I mean, how wrong can you go when fried potatoes are your flagship food? Mmm, mm.

Anyway, I found myself a spare minute, so I'd like to quickly share two wonderful holiday bloopers. First up, this absolutely unbelievable one, from my good friend Dena!

That can't be real - they must be taking the mickey out of us :) I've lived here for almost half my life, but some things still shock me. This, for example! Thanks so much, Dena!

And, sent in completely separately by her son Micha, here's another excellent holiday specimen:

Erm... it may be extraordinarily priced, but yeah, I think I'll pass on that dreidel.
Thanks, Micha!

Fantastic finds, both! Have a wonderful, wonderful Chanuka, everyone! 

Oh, and of course I'll post this to Lesley's weekly meme, Signs, Signs. See you there!


Dina said...

What would we have to laugh at if there were proofreaders in Israel?

Chag Chanuka sameach!

Mrs. S. said...

LOL! I realize that spinning a draidel can be hard, but I can't say that I've ever heard of anyone breaking a sweat while doing so... :-)

!חג אורים שמח

Balashon said...

Mhat's Mrong Mith the first one?

Gemma Wiseman said...

Not sure what Mick Holders are! Interesting signs because for those not in Israel, they are extremely puzzling!

EG CameraGirl said...

Happy Chanukah, Toby!

toby said...

Thanks, everyone!
Gemma - those are supposed to be wick holders, for the Menorahs :)

Lesley said...

I think I'll pass on that dreidel, too!
I was confused at first, but Balashon's comment lead me in the right direction!

Happy Chanukah to you

(p.s. glad you found my 'real' blog!)

RedPat said...

Great fun!!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Yes, something was lost in the translation... Good catches!
Happy Chanuka!

Dianne said...

I've played with a few sweaty driedels in my childhood

wonderful signs!!

Jim said...

great post

Clytie said...

These are priceless! I didn't get the first one until I read Balashon's wonderful comment!

genie said...

What a fun post. You have put a big grin on my face. T’is the time of year to smile and be happy. genie