27 January, 2011

A little help from my friends

Well, I was going through the emails in my "time of the signs" label (in my ever-faithful gmail) to try and decide what to post today. Suddenly, I went back a bit further than I had meant to... and discovered that there are a bunch of things that were thoughtfully sent to me that somehow slipped through the cracks, and weren't ever posted! Some are from actual friends of mine, and some from virtual friends (who would have ever thought that I'd have virtual friends!). Anyway, all of you - thank you for sending these! Here are some of them, better late than never:

That one was from Elie Klein, who found it while rafting with his family on the Hatzbani river. A tremendous specimen! This one seems to be almost as awful as those ones in Asia that we see posted around online. I can't even decide which part I like best, but I am confident that Elie's family fulfilled the sign's required level of cool.

That one is from Mrs. S., who pointed out that this box is a real mine field. I can just see the family get together - the ice cream is mine! No, it's mine! No, it's *mine*!

This one is from my good friend Rachel, who was cheerfully greeted by this message on her laptop in the airport in L.A., upon nearing the end of her allotted wireless ration. The thing about this is that when she first sent it to me and told me that it was "from the airport," I just assumed that she was talking about our little Israeli airport, Ben Gurion. Then I started putting this post together and I suddenly remembered that Ben Gurion has unlimited free wireless access, and so it had to be a different airport. Which makes this all the much more shocking, I think! L.A.?! And that's the English that they came up with? That's actually really scary. Thanks, Rach!

This is from my good friend Dena. I almost like the Hebrew here as much as the English... I always enjoy witnessing the usage of the word "ped" for "pad." Anyway, I actually know some people looking for cheap housing now - I wonder if there's any room left in the skid resident base?

Wow, I actually have a bunch more photos waiting here - I guess those will have to wait until next week. Be patient, everyone! But before I leave you, I must include the pièce de résistance of this week, and here I owe a bunch of thanks. To Dave, who first showed it to me, posted on Avigdor's Facebook page... to Avigdor, who was kind enough to let me use it... and to Gidon, who later emailed it to me. And now, with no further ado:

Okay, are we all looking in the same place? Do we all see it? There, first word on the second to last line? So - even if you don't speak Hebrew, and even if you don't understand the Jewish Law regarding orla, you can certainly agree that you don't want any foreskin in your grape juice. That said, this label makes me a little nervous. I mean, this brand guarantees no foreskin, right? So tomorrow, if I pick up a different bottle with no such guarantee, will my neighbors really feel comfortable with the level of kashrut in my house? Oh, man, this is exactly how stringencies start... 

Thank you, Avigdor, who's boss' friend in England saw the actual label. Once again, I'm posting to Lesley's new meme, Signs, Signs. Go check it out, right now! And have a great week, everyone!


Balashon said...

Don't forget how the bottle translated קק"ל - the Hebrew abbreviation for kilocalories - as JNF (the acronym for Jewish National Fund)...

Anonymous said...

Balashon - ROTFL!!!
I couldn't figure out what JNF was doing there, my wife suggested that that is how many calories you burn planting a tree or something..

Toby, I think you have to quit your job, you used to dissect every specimen, now you just mention the most glaring items. This label alone deserves its own post, if not series!
BTW, do you see the HKBH there in Hebrew in the bottom right hand corner? What's THAT there for?

-Gidon (and thanks for the hat tip)

Mrs. S. said...

And another classic from the grape juice label:
"a cool refrigerated place" - in case you thought they meant a warm refrigerated place...

Thanks for the link and shavua tov!

Lesley said...

and it was bottled in a new bottle and 'cooked'?

You have a great store of fractured english!

Inger-M said...

Good to know it was made from natural grapes!

Thanks for the laughs!